IFMS salary payslip । IFMS login payslip

Download IFMS salary payslip by logging into the IFMS payslip portal

If you are a government employee in Madhya Pradesh state and want to download an IFMS salary pay slip, then here is the complete step-by-step guide to download your payslip.

1. If you are trying to download the IFMS salary pay slip on your phone, please switch to the desktop mode, otherwise you may face a pop-up window error.

IFMS salary pay slip download

2. Now in the second step, please visit the link given below.

3. Now enter your user id and password and login into the IFMS payslip portal.

Mp treasury IFMS payslip download

4. After logging into your IFMS salary slip account, click on the employee pay slip report.

Mp treasury IFMS payslip download

5. In the final step, select the month and year for which you want to download the payslip.

There are a total of 6 lakh 40 thousand employees in Madhya Pradesh, out of which 30000 are first and second class employees.

Recently, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to increase the daily allowance to 28%. Due to the Corona epidemic, the government did not increase the daily allowance for the last two years. After increasing the dearness allowance, there is a possibility of an additional burden of about two hundred and fifty crores on the government. The central government has recently increased the daily allowance of central employees to 28 percent. After this hike, there was a demand by the employees to increase the daily allowance.

With this increase, the salary of the officer class can increase by up to 10 thousand and the salary of other employees is likely to increase from Rs 1700 to Rs 4000.

Along with Madhya Pradesh, the state government of Jharkhand has increased the dearness allowance of the employees to 28%.

The Karnataka government has also increased the dearness allowance of its state employees by 10.25% to 21.50.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has also increased the dearness allowance of Rajasthan government employees from 17% to 28%. Ashok Gehlot gave this information through Twitter. The increase in dearness allowance is expected to put an additional burden of Rs 4000 crore on the Rajasthan government.

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